Retraction settings

After a while my retractions settings were not looking great. looking at slic3r a bi more closely, i realised the settings for retraction speed was in mm/s not mm/min, therefore the setting of 30 was causing the stepper to screetch!
i reduced this down to 4mm/s and 4mm retraction which was painfully slow, so a quick q on REPREP IRC channel brought Dreamscape74 suggesting their settings.

Now retraction is set at 14mm/s and 2mm retraction length.

Now onto the brige test…

Pla reprap prusa issues

Trying this version of the prusa, my new red model, featuring prusa 2 parts, I am printing running slic3r 0.9.2 and am having funny print results, the parts are somewhat blobby


Not sure what is causing this, could it be I have moisture in my pla? I hope not! I don’t keep it in a box with decad stuff, but I thought it’s ok on my makerbot… Anyway, I’m having a few issues so I need to work on the settings still


However on positive note, I tried the new dual print separate print commends on slic3r, looks good!


A note, before I printed these u tried a motor housing, excess plastic in corners and odd stepping in the plastic straight lines… Hmmmmmm


Not sure about that either, any ideas?