Argos drill motor mounts for sale

I have been machining and selling drill motor mounts now for several years for the robotic community, and i am now able to offer the following services:

CNC Milling
CNC Routing – plastics, metal and composites.
3D Printing
3D Design
Sale of screw and play drive systems for robot combat

Please message me for more information or to discuss your requirements.

[email protected]

Featherweight pneumatic threads

Paypal fees calculator

Something useful i found today was this paypal fees estimator at


It is only an estimator but is a useful tool to have access to when sending invoices or requesting money through Paypal for goods and not through friends and family payments.


Featherweight motor mounts specific for locking and firmly fixing in the new style Argos £20 hand battery drill.

Although ok, I need to change the bolts used to countersunk and adjust some tollerence, or clean print the crevices to fit better. My new design has these in, so when I get printing I can test fit and see what they are like.

This initial design does lock in the motor tightly, so I’m pleased.