what a day…

its not been a very good day for me, i recieved an email saying my parcel which contained my makerbot electronics and nozzels were in with parcel force awaiting a customs charge. The charge is £47.52… so i go to my car to drive there and pay, when about 50 metres up the road, i hit a HUGE STONE ON THE ROAD, CAUSING A MASIVE GAP IN MY TYRE AND BUCKLING MY WHEEL HUB… and with that, it meant i was late getting to the parcelk office to get my bits, so today has cost me about £150 extra 🙁

i then went to tesco to comfort buy and eat cr$£ but the good thing is that i got a new wireless keyboard and mouse – its wireless so i can use it in my room on my lap, as apposed to being tethered. – plus was better than half price in tesco – £11.99 – Logitech one

will upload pics soon when i have my usb phone cable

wow its been a long time – lack of time and internet!

its been a long time – and to those who were expecting an update a few days ago i apologise.

If you been following me on twitter – Roboteernat, you will know i went to the uni electronics bins and took apart a few printers and a nice £10k cannon printer and post sorting machine, inside was a lot of goodies – but i only had 2 hours to take it all apart.

What i got was some usefull electronics 😀

I got…

Makerbot order

My order is being sent of the makerbot electronics and nozzelds 😀 – thank you @Clothbot who gave me the heads up that they were on sale, subsequently they sold out 24hours later 😀

anyways no internet connection at home, so updates are few, but i will try and get the password 😀