LOKI – FOUND!!!!!! returned safe and sound to his home

Missing cat – please help

Thats right, Loki has been missing for 2 months to the day but has returned to the house. He was found in the kitchen meowing his head off pleased to be back!

Thank you for any assistance you have given over the past 2 months. I will be comming round with slips again to say he has been found, and that we can all ‘stand down’ from watch, until another cat goes missing.

Lost posters will be comming down this evening which have been placed around chippenham, and slips will be distributed to the 350 houses i delivered to.


Thank youloki big

Hello, I have been placing 24 posters up around Chippenham between frogwell and charter road and posted about 300 slips along the route also including along chamberlain road and side roads around those areas.

Its been a month now since Loki was last seen. Someone knows something or has seen Loki. Please let us know.

i have been contacted by quite a few people saying they have seen a cat potentially Loki, and these are the areas I’m walking around at 9 – 11pm each night and slightly further afield. Do you or a friend or neighbour know a cat that has started to visit them for food? Or a new cat unknown to your area? Please take a look, see if it matches Loki descriptions, and contact me please. If you have seen a cat by the side of a road, please please please let me know, and the authorities, so they can also help reunite it to their worried owners.

please help me find my cat. Details below.

thank you

Tabby cat called Loki

Last seen Wednesday 20th August by cat sitter

Please check shed and garages as he would have snuck in if it was raining and it was open.

He lives in Phillips Close, SN14 0TH

He moved from 92 Charter Road SN15 2RB on 7/7/14

He is microchipped and not wearing his collar (found this in garden).

If you have any information or seen him about, please contact us.


[email protected]

Phillips Close.

Thank you.

Nathaniel Poate



NFC Tags – first experience

So, i’m a google cardboard user, and I have been using my own created cardboard using an amazon box and the downloaded designs. I bought the lenses through an online company – unofficial google cardboard one, and, when i put my phone into cardboard, i have to activate the app first then install.


I know the official one has NFC tags, and although i know of these, i havnt actually used them.

Until now…

This morning i have received 8 tags i bought through eBay at the cost of just under £3, which are the Smartrac Bullseye 320_2 versions (http://www.nfctags.com/smartrac-bullseye-nfc-ntag)

I am going to install one into my cardboard so i dont have to activate each time i go to put it in.

Also i can do things like phone on scilent when on bedside table yada yada, maybe to automate sending a morning text to my partner when i get to work – not that she will like this, and this has already been done with a ‘automated random text generator’ – with  bad results haha, but yeah maybe not that!

So, first thing first is we need a NFC writter/trigger program. This is a program which allows you to read NFC tags and to then add an action to the triggering tag.


The first thing i did was to install NFC writer by Egomotion group (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tagstand.writer&hl=en I also installed Trigger, by the same company. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jwsoft.nfcactionlauncher&hl=en

Trigger allows you to asign an action to a tag, where as NFC writer allows you to write something /blog post, location marker foursquare etc automatically by tagging in.

I wanted to test this, so i used Trigger to open a web page to www.roboteernat.co.uk when it was placed on the tag – working well!

Secondly i have asigned a tag which i have stuck onto Cardboard, to triger the cardboard app.

So far so good!


Now thinking about what else to tag… Work desk, Bedside table, Hackspace check in…