Quadcopter 3D printed gimble with brushless motors

Something i have seen over the past week is the 3D printed brushless gimble.

Those over at Hackaday and had 2 posts about this today and yesterday, aswell as discussion on Reprap forum, but it is a very interesting idea.



I own a quadcopter, although my flying times are small, i have had it in the air with my HTC desire S strapped to it to get some rather shakey camera footage.


Im thinking, i ahve accelerometers, spare brushless motors, spare brushless controllers and a quadcopter, not to mention FPV equipment! oh and 3d Printer…

Im thinking this is worth while to build one of these!


Should also make this… http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:76369



Gimbal controller

After further investigations i have found the controller is a board from Flyduino and costs $110, so i think i may have to wait for costs to decrease first!