Release of Thing-o-matic

no relation to wallace and gromit, but makerbot have now released the next gen of makerbot! the thing-o-matic provides automatic printing with the belted buikld base and much finer resolution printing!

It is a shame the cost hasd also increased! sadly to import one of these into the UK, will cost £711 for the kit, postage about £30? then charges totalling an estimated £140, making the total cost £900… sadly i cannot afford this, but am very tempted to break open the uni laser cutter and make myself one when the files become available 😀

all for now, but check out the details online:

2 thoughts on “Release of Thing-o-matic

  1. Or, do what I’m planning to do – sell your Cupcake and put the money towards a Thing-o-Matic. 🙂 I’m pretty sure I could get $1225 for my fully assembled, working ‘bot with a MK5, automated build platform, an extra fully assembled and working MK4, and tons of MK4 spare parts.

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