my mini head can see clearly now (with clear perspex shell)

After a few weeks i recieved my new makerbot shell from uni, sadly during constructions, 2 pieces went snap, therefore i have an almost clear makerbot shell… – pics in my flickr pool!

this evening, i finally managed to get the motors soldered into place and test the thing out. The lights from the electronics illuminates the makerbot industries engraving rather nicely!

also downloaded the new ReplicatorG and tested out the new preference settings – my heated build base was not getting to the correct temp as i was using a 1mm thermistor and the 3mm settings – the extruder had a 3mm thermistor.

so i finally tested it extruding, and wow… heats up, looks very sweet and …. ah… sadly the filament stripped. need to move the idler wheel closer!

other than that, i bought a few more 5gram servos to make a small miniture animatronic head. Im designing it using sketchpad and consists of a jaw, square skull with curved pieces, eyes that move left right uop and down, and eventually eye lids – all printable on the makerbot. here is for good testing tomorrow!

over and out tonight.