Comming out of its shell

On wednesday last week, i took my makerbot to my uni and showed it off to the tech dept there – they were the ones to originally cut out the shell in the first place.

Attending the demo were some technicians and the guy in charge of the faculty of engineering. He saw the makerbot and instantly asked for the uni to produce one. I did tell them they needed to make any improvements open to the community, and with a flick of a switch, its now been 7 days, and they already have a shell and parts and electronics being made on the uni PCB milling machine – LPKF machine. Its only been a week!

One thing is tho, they did buy a bit too much acrylic to make the shell from… 5mm clear perspex sheet… i went and saw it at lunch time, and showed them the way it fits togeter. then at 3pm, they said they cut me a shell out of the spare acrylic.

Sweet! a clear makerbot shell is mine… ALL MINE!!!

Pics to come tomorrow when i remember my camera…

oh and tomorrow is my job interview 🙁