well i must say, i have been so much working on the pcb maker for the makerbot and writing a new wiki entry for the makerbot site – to be posted live soon, i havnt updated this much.

so yeah, thats it.

I was wanting to note a few more projects i want to have a go at –

This is Stephanie, an avatar room controller which works using voice commands.
This is something i have wanted to do for many years, and is partially why i got the makerbot in the first place. – to build parts to make an animated face that you could interact with and control stuff using iobridge.

This is a variation of room control – the ‘party button’
This one was made in a dorm room, and would be great

this is more of a lower end version – noit as hightech but better in a larger venue

there are others which i will blog about, but for now im off to make a simple eagle pcb to make on my makerbot.

woop woop