10 X10 cm PCB board cut ready for makerbot PCB testing

Just got some 10×10 PCB boards made u[p to put into makerbot. i need to drill the corner fixing holes but as they were not exactly lined up, i need to do this at home.

Some are double sided, and although it is a bit of a waste using this much for tests, i do have a fair bit of UV photoresist board and i got these boards from ebay at like £2.50 a board (200mm x 300mm double sided) so i think its ok.

i also have som smaller bits i can use.

I ordered 2 of each v cutter drill bits – 10,20,30,45 and 60 degrees, routers are to arrive today!

woop woop!

wouldnt it be fab that a makerbot can ‘make’ its motherboard as well as parts!