Printers… Plastic… and still no electronics

So i went on my hunt today to get printers and scanners from the tip, but they said in a very deep angry voice “nothing ever leaves this tip” so i though ooh… i best reverse…! no seriously, they dont sell stuff… my tip at home in Portsmouth does tho… odd. so my search has made its way onto twitter, and on to gumtree so i can broaden my search for faulty and broken printers for the precision rods so if you have any, let me know by leaving a comment – btw im in plymouth in the uk 😀

I also bought some more plastic from a random company i came accross on the google adverts – they were very local! so i went over and boughtsome more plastic for the heating barrel heat retainer so i can use the proper stuff without it actually melting!

The third thing is, im still wiating to order my plastic and electronics from makerbot, aparently the stepper motor drivers are sold out, but i was wondering if i can buy the set (without these chips) as i can buy them from uk from farnell… ( will email makerbot industries and find out.

Anyways im off to the car boot sale tomorrow to see if i can get some printers…