Order has been dispatched :D

My order of bits from sdp-si has been shipped according to an email i recieved, except they are out of the 2 x 17 tooth pulleys, so these will be shipped at a later date, but for now the belrts and gears are on their way 😀 I did purchase open belt strips, as the other belts were out of stock, so i will have to find a way of attaching the ends tog to make the larger belt for the z axis… we shall see when i get it 😀

I sold my ibooks and ipod touch to fund my maker bot and so far its looking great.

I painted the bearing brackets – and got accused of escaping from a mental hospital by the police whilst i was doing so… haha, i also painted the insides white, with the view of using some RGB leds to make it colourful… or just red… but the outside… i dont know what colour – any suggestions?

Pics are on my flickr pool 😀

2 thoughts on “Order has been dispatched :D

  1. hi, the order came within 2 weeks (one parcel took customs), however one set was delayed! watch out tho – as the precision rods and the tooth pully are wrong sizes according to the order list on the website, the rods are 8mm and i ordered 6mm… the holes in the pulleys were 1mm to big 🙁 the rods can be found in many printers – if ur in uk i can end you some 🙂

    npoate (at) hotmail (dotty)com

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