Right, i cant wait till tomorrow, i get to make my makerbot on the laser cutter, however need to resize the 4mm sheet plywood design, as its somehow saved itself as to be made 30×20 mm therefopre the pullys are nopw 4mm in diameter 🙁

Also today i ordered my rods and belts from spi-di but as they dont have 2 of the belts in stock i bought open ended belt, that i can cut and crip together using the clamps on the y and x axis 😀

I also bought some of the bolts -and nuts, however i bought 200 m8 nuts, not 200 m3! DOH!!!

i am considering, to make it look nice, to use button headed m3 bols, to give it a nice smooth feel to the edges… we shall see as the cost on ebay is expensive – will see if i can do a deal with the seller (stainlessbolts) to get a better price – but will wait till i have the various wood bits, hopefully tomorrow afternoon!!!
right need to pack my iBook that i sold on ebay to fund my makerbot… YAY