PCB amendments.

The connections to the power inputs are done so that they are soldered under the plastic, This is the same for the through hole connections to the doughterboard s, which will contain the hbridge motor controllers – from robot football.

The board size includes a 5mm border, this needs to be rounded so that it can fit inside the small ball originaly used.

The through hole connectors need to be mounted so that they are a pin extending both sides of the pcb, this is to allow connection of the light board ontop of the ball – 10×10 dot matrix display.

A NEW US BOARD NEEDS TO BE MADE as pin connections have been knocked off.

USB XBEE BOARD NOT ARRIVED. components not purchased yet as order size too small.

Shiela is not making PCB ‘s today due to Amanda being ill, therefore cannot leave the office.
Next PCB manufacturing time – Tuesday.

I have the pcb details, maybe the accelerometer can be added to the main pcb design?