Yesterday was my birthday
Happy birthday me!

so what did i do? i finished my Critique. I spoke to dan (Thankyou!) and he gave me some pointers and basically my draft wasnt what he wanted, so yesterday i rewrote it, and came up with something much better! ad WOW i think its awsome (now going to get a low mark for saying that) but yeah i think its good, its got quotes from end users, and industry and for both siodes, so yeah it should be good!

anyways im trying to create a place for it to stay for a bit online, however im not having much luck, luckily Dan only wants ours on pdf – which i have done 🙂 as an email, the good thing is, the online pdf creator saves the pdf online for 3 days, so maybe i could use that??
anyways its all done, and refferenced well, lots of net pages, and press releases and 2 papers on robotic pets so all aion all i think its going well…