halt and all change please

since working on the robot dog critique, i realised the intorduction to the critique about why a dog, and the different types, and the lifeline of the robotic pet was becomeing a bit to long winded, and also without having my i-cybie with me, it would have been difficult to do a critique on him without actually using him now to do the stdy.
therefore i have stopped that for the time being, and now going to work on a critique about a robot light/music playing ball robot, which is sorta along the lines for my project that i am doing for dan.

its from www.iwantoneofthose.com
called the laser ball, and is in the toys and games section, 2nd page i think.

“Imagine R2D2 spinning out on an illuminated rave trip inside a hamster ball and you’re halfway there. The Laser Ball is a mesmerising and ingenious gizmo that serves no useful purpose whatsoever, so of course we think it’s great. Comprising a hamster ball and a mini robot with little spinning arms covered in LEDs, the Laser Ball is sound activated and trundles about on the floor flashing through random patterns that change in reaction to loud beats. There are two modes, one with its own sound and one without – but don’t use the mode with the sound: a) the sound’s horrid and b) it’s much better to have it spinning away with your own music playing. Great for parties or just when zoning out listening to music, the Laser Ball trundles around the floor looking dead whizzy and is as cool as a poi spinning hamster.”

so yes here goes…